Raw Till 4 – My Dairy

till4Did you hear about  “Raw till 4” program?
Raw till 4 – means eating raw food (specifically fruit) until 4pm in the day then having a high carb cooked plant foods dinner. This is a program for transition to raw diet. I know some of my friends who use this program for winter time only, therefore I decided to try it and wrote my short dairy about my feelings.


Today I decided to start a new diet, with some cooked food for dinner. Lets try and see how it will be with my body and health. The main reason is to start more economical life. I live in Tokyo where all fruits and veggies are very expansive, and my family with 3 people spends too much money for food (around 1500$ a month). I am most expansive person in my family. Winter time is most difficult season for me as a rawfoodist. I want to try this program not because we dont have enough money, but because I dont like to spend them for food 😉  So after 2 years raw food, today I cooked my brown rice (steamed it). Well, I can say rice doesn’t have any taste! I could not eat it really, so I made norimaki, rolls with dried seaweeds – nori. Only in this way I could eat it with my salad. I think maybe if I cooked rice with veggies together, it will taste better. I ate my dinner, my rice with small bowl of salad and felt very full, very heavy felling in my stomach, I suddenly became very sleepy and went to bad.


Ops, as I expected before, I woke up with full nose of mucus and throat too.  All day today I felt as I caught a cold. So I feel rice is definitely not my food. Therefore today I cooked a quinoa. Hey, guys, how do you eat it? Its so ghastly…I wanted to add salt, paper, oil etc 😉 maybe need to find a nice recipe, I don’t know. 😉 I put it to my salad and mixed it together 😉 only this way I could eat it ha-ha So its also not my food. Tomorrow I want to try to cook buckwheat for my dinner.

I am thinking about steamed veggies now, but what about calories?

 Sport. My transport is bicycle every day. I have to drive my son to kindergarten and pick up him, go to shopping. Today we drive 3 metro stops, it’s around 25 minutes to drive and back, so all together for one day I drive my bicycle around 1,5 hour. I don’t have idea how many kilometers. About calorie, well, ode day today I had around 2000 calories, but not sure. Will try to write tomorrow exactly how much I ate. 😉


Today I had a day without any food. It was very easy, because my day was very busy. I had 2 liters of water and one cup of herb tea before go to bad. Nice busy day. Ride 2 hours my bicycle around a Tokyo. 


Today is new day and decided to cook red lentils for my dinner with salad. Well, taste nice, Some steamed broccoli and green salad. I felt very full, very heavy and I started to like this feeling again. I remember it was hard to forget this feeling in the beginning of my raw journey. So I feel I back again to this point. Well, let’s see what happen. I had around 2000 calories today. After one day of fasting, all day wanted to eat and eat.


This morning I started with cashew milk and so happy that my husband likes it too. He didn’t like nut milk for long lime and suddenly, after my article about health benefits of hemp seeds, he asked me to make it for him. Surprise, he liked it and asked me to make it often!

I felt all day like to eat something cooked, maybe steamed potatoes, broccoli and wanted again lentils. All day until my dinner I had only raw food, but I wanted cooked. I still have a rainy nose, I had a nightmare this night, I am thinking often about some scary and bad situation, about earthquake, cancer etc. I found myself not so healthy after I started to eat cooked food. I sleep very well usually; never have any dreams and nightmare, so this is a big signal for me to stop this experiment. I want to eat more and more cooked food, and less and less raw and fruits. I feel this is a wrong way for me.


Today is very slowly day at home, preparing to my raw lesson tomorrow. Only 30 minute’s yoga at home. Today I want to try to eat cooked buckwheat for my dinner. And I will see how I feel after that. Maybe I will stop this program and will back to my raw food life. I will prepare my big green salad and some steamed veggies or maybe soup.

Buckwheat warm and taste not bad, I have it with my big salad. I think this is only one grain what is not bad for me, because I dint feel heavy stomach and rainy nose after. But I can’t eat it without salt! It doesn’t have any taste really.


Today I had my raw food lesson for mothers. We had a green smoothie, it was my breakfast. And we had big raw cake, which I made for this lesson. It was so yummy so I couldn’t stop and had one big peace. It’s a lot of fat! Congratulation, Tonya, next days…all face with acne, pimple, oily skin etc 😉  Hate –hate it! But I could do? One piece of raw cake was a big seduction! J So I have to stay with bad skin for at least one week ;((( 

For my lunch I had fruits. For dinner steamed veggies with rice and juice.


I feel very sad. I feel very angry. I feel I am not a raw foodist anymore!

I want eat cooked food only. I want spaghetti and bread. I think this is it!

This is the end of my 2 years raw food life! Good bye my raw food and hello all cooked grains, soups etc 😉

I have to make a choice. And I cant throw out all my 2 years work and health healing. I lost 3 big sickness for 2 years of my raw food life and now only because of cold climate and money I want to back again? No way! I am stopping this program raw til 4 and back to my raw food life with some steamed pumpkin, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Then more you eat cooked food, than more you want it! Remember this! Maybe this program is good for people who just started, but not for people who are already in raw food diet. Money is nothing, lets make more money and have enough fresh fruits and veggies all year around! 😉